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The Apple Logo's lights surrounding the clock at Grand Central Terminal
The clock at Grand Central Terminal
The Grand Central in the New York City
Galactic figures on the dome of the Grand Central Terminal.
Commercial center at Nassau, Bahamas
Government Palace of Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau pier's on Bahamas
La Ermita's Church
Corridor of CAM
Cali's Tower
Colombia Avenue
Caicedo's Plaza
CAM (Administration Municipal Center)
The Central Park.
The Gran Central Terminal.
View from the Central Park
Santiago de Cali, COLOMBIA
El Tiple, Candelaria. Valle, COLOMBIA
New York, USA
The Central Park.
The Empire State Building view from Central Park
Central Park
Manhattan view from North Bergen, NJ.
Times Square.
Lines on the Brooklyn Bridge. Nov 26 of 2011
New Jersey. USA
American Museum of Natural History
Park Avenue in Rutherford
South Carolina, USA
In Memory of Spanish, Cuba, and Us Veterans in Rutherford
Bob Jones University of Greenville showing the Christmas lights. 12 / 2006
Bob Jones University of Greenville) showing the Christmas Manger. 12 /2006
Bridge builded on 1888, Trenton