Angie Vannessa
Hugo Alexis, after his First  
communion in Queens, NY. 2006
Camilo on his 5th birthday. Greenville, SC 2006
Diana Carolina and Mayerlady receiving her
Eucharist in Blessed Trinity Church. Taylors, SC May
Isabela's mother Greenville, SC 2007
Patricia's Bebe Anthony  Taylors, SC 2007
Diana Carolina Loaiza en su primera comunion.
Diana Carolina Loaiza on her first comunion.
Greenville, SC 2007
Jorge Celedon in his last visit to Greenville, SC on 2006.
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Printing moments of true personality between your
children and family.
Angie Vanessa enjoying one day on The Vacation Center. Allentown, PA. 2006
Thousands of Colombian
people Celebrating of
Independence day July
20 on Greenville, SC 2007
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Jair Cabal
Image of the process in implant of dental brakes. Ene/2008
Maria jumping. Taylors, SC Feb / 2008
Yohanna jumping. Taylors, SC Feb / 2008
Diana jumping. Taylors, SC Feb / 2008
Jose Emanuel driving his tractor in 77 highway at North
Carolina, USA./ Feb 2009
Wilson and his wife Doly. 11/2009
Jenny and her mascots Honney, K and Fluppy. Elizabeth, NJ  Oct / 2010
Sandra Cuartas and her family. Rutherford, NJ Oct / 2010
Angie pose for the picture before enjoy  the Prom. Rutherford, NJ Jun 03 of 2011
Angie and some friends getting together to enjoy  the Prom. Rutherford, NJ Jun 03 of 2011
Juliana Andrea Romero
Juliana Andrea Romero
Nelsy Aguilón Romero and her daughter Monica Sabogal Aguilón.
Santiago de Cali/ 2003